Instarlink offers a solution based on semantic and machine learning technologies to predict the soft skills related to jobs, candidates and open positions*.
For example in recruiting, companies can rank automatically profiles (candidates/employees) against open positions through their soft skills.
The knowledge of soft skills is critical when knowing that 89%1 of new hires failures are due to the attitude and 60%2 of the jobs in 2030 have not been invented yet.
Instarlink solution is proposed as APIs enabling different systems (ATS, Talent Management, HCM, …) to benefit from the artificial intelligence for predicting soft skills.
Contact us to test Instarlink predictive solution right now, knowing that simple algorithm outperforms human decisions by 25%3 at least.
* Supported input formats: textes, audio, video
1 “Hiring for attitude”, Mark Murphy – The founder and CEO of Leadership IQ
2 “Jobs in the Future – The Career Path of Generation Y & Z” -  Wagepoint
3 “In Hiring, Algorithms Beat Instinct” - Harvard Business Review

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